Pasolivo – California Blend

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Our California a Blend is a blend of Mission and Manzanillo olives, farmed organically and sustainably, hand picked and milled within three hours of picking
Willow Creek Olive Oil, Llc Dba: Pasolivo Olive Oil Pasolivo – California Blend Producer

Other Award Winners from United States

Chacewater Mission

By Chacewater Olive Mill
Chacewater Mission 100% varietal, Soft and mild, with a nutty finish and low pungency. Aroma of ripe olives and a hint of fresh cut grass. Sustainably farmed, single orchard Butte County, California

Cobram Estate Super Premium Robust Blend

By Boundary Bend Olives
Cobram Estate oil master has skilfully combined the leading varieties from California and Australia that demonstrates a cut green grass nose with a strong spicy aroma and complex fruity flavours.

MoonShadow Grove Miscela

By Moonshadow Grove
MoonShadow Grove is in Oroville, California and produces estate olive oil from trees planted in 1935. Our focus is on making superior quality oil. All our oils are certified organic by CCOF, certified extra virgin by California Olive Oil Council and sustainably grown.

Split Rock Springs Ranch

By Split Rock Springs Ranch, LLC
Split Rock Springs Ranch estate grown and bottled extra virgin olive oil is a blend of Italian varietals and one Spanish varietal. (30% Frantoio, 20% Pendolino, 20% Leccino, 10% Moraiolo, 10% Taggiasca, 5% Maurino and 5% Arbequina).

Cobram Estate Ultra Premium Mission

By Boundary Bend Olives
Cobram Estate Ultra Premium Mission was produced using selected parcels of olives that were picked at optimum ripeness and are ultra cold pressed in our mill within 4 hours of picking.

Lucero Olive Oil

By Lucero Olive Oil
Lucero Olive Oil is the story of a small Northern California community, which has been home to olive trees for over a century. The company is run by a collection of local residents devoted to milling a premium selection of oils from the original trees in our town, as well as several estate holdings of 21st century medium and high density orchards nearby. Grown, milled and bottled in Corning, California.