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Our California a Blend is a blend of Mission and Manzanillo olives, farmed organically and sustainably, hand picked and milled within three hours of picking
Willow Creek Olive Oil, Llc Dba: Pasolivo Olive Oil Pasolivo – California Blend Producer

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By 11 olives
Savor the tropical notes and buttery glow of this velvety, premium extra virgin olive oil. Carefully sourced from the highest quality, sustainably grown California olives. Longevity finishing oil is as healthy for the earth as it is for you. Close your eyes, taste the warmth of the sun and let go as you fall in love with Longevity.

Chacewater Allegra Estate

By Chacewater Olive Mill
Chacewater Allegra Estate 100% varietal, robust, green, grassy moderate poly-phenols with medium pungency. Certified organic by CCOF

Winterhill’s Shakespeare’s Acre Tuscan Blend

By Winterhill Olive Oil
This is a field blend of primarily Tuscan varietals. It is a robust oil with good balance. Grown in El Dorado County, California, and hand picked. Certified by the California Olive Oil Council.

Trattore Farms

By Dry Creek Olive Company
Trattore Farms is nestled in the heart of Dry Creek Valley and is home to the Dry Creek Olive Company in Sonoma County, CA. Olive orchards with trees from three to 150 years old, and over 20 varietals ranging from the mild Arbequina, to the peppery Frantoio and spicy California native Mission can be found on our rolling hills. The varieties of olives harvested give us the ability to “field blend” and produce oil with a unique, bold flavors with olives. Experience our reserve oil to see how distinctive extra virgin olive oil can be!

Pasolivo California Blend

By Pasolivo
Pasolivo's California Blend extra virgin olive oil is created from our own sustainably farmed Mission and Manzanillo varietals, which are grown on the golden, sun-drenched hills of our family-owned Paso Robles ranch. The California Blend has the grassiness of a truly premium extra virgin olive oil and it finishes with a peppery kick that indicates its superior levels of beneficial polyphenols.

Split Rock Springs Ranch

By Split Rock Springs Ranch, LLC
Split Rock Springs Ranch estate grown and bottled extra virgin olive oil is a blend of Italian varietals and one Spanish varietal. (30% Frantoio, 20% Pendolino, 20% Leccino, 10% Moraiolo, 10% Taggiasca, 5% Maurino and 5% Arbequina).